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Variety of Sports, Games, Showdown Golf, Laser Shot and more!

Brookfields Indoor Golf & Lounge is much more than just golf. In three easy steps you’ll bring your entertainment to life, providing the ultimate indoor sports experience in a laid back environment. In addition to golf, there’s a variety of MultiSport Games, Showdown Golf, and Laser Shot, where you can choose to compete against the computer or go head-to-head with your friends.

No experience necessary. Jump right in and have fun!

Step 1

Choose a game

Step 2

Select your equipment

Step 3


MultiSport Games

Play your favorite sports using real sports equipment and experience amazing, life-like gameplay. Test your best hockey shots, throw touchdowns, feel the pressure of taking penalty kicks or even take on a pack of zombies. Our sports and gaming software reacts instantaneously to you and your actual sports gear with no additional technology, delivering the ultimate sports entertainment experience.

  • Baseball High Heat Pitching
  • QB Challenge
  • Basketball Shootout
  • Bocce
  • Soccer Free Kicks
  • Soccer Penalty Kicks
  • Hockey Goalie Challenge
  • Cricket Pitch
  • Zombie Dodgeball
  • Carnival Games

Laser Shot

Practice your aim and speed. Transform your simulator experience into a competitive target range or exotic hunting ground.

  • Practical & Pro Shooting
  • Five Stand
  • Reaction Plates
  • Rubber Ducky
  • Full Boar
  • Air Assault
  • Squirrel Hunt
  • Midway Mallard & Mallard Madness
  • Speed Trap
  • Turkey Pack
  • Prairie Dog Hunt
  • Dove Hunter
  • Rabbit Hunter
  • Roe Deer Hunter

Showdown Golf

Showdown Golf is everyone’s game. It’s fun. It’s competitive. And no experience required. Compete in head-to-head golf competitions and skill contests in several game modes. Showdown Golf provides a one-of-a-kind simulation that’s fun for golfers and non-golfers alike. For golfers, you can even gamify your practice to make it fun by breaking up the routine and playing some skill improvement games.

  • Targets Tour
  • Find The Fairway
  • Hit It In The Ring
  • Short Game Points
  • Cart Guy Clash
  • Arena Targets
  • Over The Line
  • Trouble Tour
  • Pool Pro
  • Arena Shotmaker
  • Duck Golf
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Demolition Golf
  • Straight Shooter
  • Field Goal Golf
  • Black Jack Golf
  • Straight Shooter Carry
  • Arena Targets Carry
  • Arena Shotmaker Carry
  • Target Tour Carry

Time to get in there and play!