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“The Full Swing sim is the closest thing to being out on the course” - Jordan Speith

Your clubs, your swing, and instant feedback!

Brookfields Indoor Golf & Lounge is your go-to spot to practice or play in Wake Forest, NC! As your ball travels towards the screen, our Full Swing Simulator technology captures your ball in real-time with no delay to provide realistic ball flight just like you were on the course.

No matter what the conditions, time, or how full the tee sheet is, we aim to make our location your new go-to spot. Whether you want to hit the driving range solo, or play a round at Pebble Beach with your buddies, we’ve got you covered.

We have over 130+ championship courses, driving range, target range, and short game area so you can dial in your game.

  • Practice and improve your game
  • Compete against friends
  • Preview the course for your next golf trip
  • Play the courses you haven’t made it to yet
  • Squeeze in a quick round to fit your busy schedule
  • Participate in leagues, tournaments and other events
  • Enjoy cold beers before, during and after a good round

The course is waiting!

Average times to play depend on the number of players and their skill level.

  • 1 golfer 18 holes in about 1 hour
  • 2 golfers 9 holes in about 1 hour, 18 holes in about 2 hours
  • 4 golfers 9 holes in about 2 hours, 18 holes in about 4 hours

Game play modes include:

  • Stroke play (single & teams)
  • Matchplay (single & teams)
  • Alternate Shot Strokeplay & Matchplay,
  • Ryder Cup Style available (Teams)
  • Wolf
  • Bingo Bango Bongo
  • Hit the Driving Range
  • And many more!

So grab your clubs, and let’s play golf!

Are you an Instructor?

At Brookfields Indoor Golf & Lounge, we encourage local golf instructors to bring your students in to utilize the Full Swing Simulator technology. Speed up the learning process and give your students the advantage of the additional feedback that Full Swing provides. Book a simulator today!