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No frustration, just play

Your clubs, your swing, and instant feedback!

Brookfields Indoor Golf & Lounge has over 130+ courses, driving range, target range, and short game area so you can dial in your game. As your ball travels towards the screen, our Full Swing Simulator technology captures your ball in real-time with no delay to provide realistic ball flight just like you were on the course.

Whether you want to hit the driving range solo, or play a round with your buddies, we’ve got you covered.

What you can expect during your visit

  • Practice and improve your game
  • Compete against friends
  • Preview the course for your next golf trip
  • Play the courses you haven’t made it to yet
  • Squeeze in a quick round to fit your busy schedule
  • Participate in leagues, tournaments and other events
  • Enjoy cold beers before, during and after a good round

The course is waiting!

Golfers choose Brookfields Indoor Golf

Play at whatever level you are on. You can bring your own clubs or use a set waiting for you at the indoor course. New golfers or seasoned vets are all welcomed to experience the facility and enjoy their time here as they see fit.

Rain or Shine. Comfort is what you can expect

Can’t golf because of bad weather? Come on in. Even if the sun is out, what better way to play than to enjoy the atmosphere. We have a bar on site for beer and wine while also a variety of food options that you can walk to or have delivered. Many of our golfers come in to practice their swing or just get out of the house. Enjoy some quiet time or brings in the pals to embrace the comradery. Golf all year round!

So grab your clubs, and let’s play golf!