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History in the making

We’re Sam & Anna, the ones who decided to take a chance by quitting our jobs and starting this fun new venture to share with you!

Sam – As a child that was born in Brookfield, Wisconsin and grew up off Brookfield Road in North Raleigh, I guess you could say that is “where the name came from”. My love and passion for the game of golf came long after the Brookfield coincidence. As a kid, I tried all the sports that most of the neighborhood boys played, soccer, baseball, etc. The only part of participating in those sports that I enjoyed was snack time or after the games when we could hang out with friends and family.

In 1996 the game of hockey changed my life forever and molded me into the man I am today. My parents and my wife, Anna are the real heroes of this quick biopic journey we’re going to unravel. Without the support of my parents throughout my entire young life so far, Brookfields Indoor Golf & Lounge is non-existent. My wife Anna would tell you I created Brookfields Indoor Golf & Lounge for myself. She’s not too far off.

I created Brookfields Indoor Golf & Lounge because I love to play golf, and enjoy drinks with friends and family, and because we couldn’t fit our simulators in the house. The best part about this creation is the community in which we get to share Brookfields Indoor Golf & Lounge with. Wake Forest, North Carolina is where my wife and I have called home for the last six years. We want Brookfields Indoor Golf & Lounge to be the go-to spot for golf enthusiasts, but also a laid-back environment where you can hangout with friends, grab drinks, play games, and sometimes enjoy live music. While developing the mental blueprint of Brookfields, I wanted to create a place, physically, where it felt like home but you’re playing golf courses from around the world. In order to accomplish that, I decided to use Full Swing Golf simulators and build a lounge-like atmosphere within each simulator space. Anna and I look forward to meeting everyone and sharing the adventure with our community and beyond.